MAGIC - Multi-Agent Control and Estimation for Multi-Horizon Goals Conciliation



This project concerns the design, development and synthesis of a novel control
and estimation architecture for multi-agent subsystems constrained by a common environment in which short term individual goals conflict with the long term desirable global system evolution. The envisaged control and estimation framework to feed Decision-Support Systems for all decision-making instances within the global system. The range of problems motivating such an architecture is extremely diverse and pervasive: Sustainable exploitation of natural resources, advanced manufacturing systems, governance of societal systems (health, mobility, etc.), and, control of artificial systems subject to constraints on the required resources. The proposed research effort is inspired in two different case studies of sustainable management pertinent to the North Region: a) Intensive dairy farmlands of lowland northwest Portugal. b) Farmlands in Peneda-Gerês national park targeting Biodiversity Conservation.

48 months
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239908,98 (CMUP: €29037,50; CIBIO: €29037,50; ISR: €13700,00; SYSTEC: €176771,48)
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Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)



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João Paulo Carvalho