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Type Student Theses Advisor(s) Year Status Nationality Current position
PhD Herman Goulet Ouellet Maximal subgroups of free profinite semigroups associated with symbolic dynamical systems Jorge Almeida, Alfredo Costa In Progress Canada
PhD Farrokh Razavinia Generalized Heisenberg Algebras and their Poisson semiclassical limit (tentative title) Samuel Lopes In Progress Iran (Islamic Republic of)
PhD Daniela Correia Variable Selection in Semiparametric Models Óscar Felgueiras In Progress Portugal
PhD António Paulo Castro Monteiro Sousa Auxiliary Prognostic Indexes in Critical Illness Rute Almeida, Ana Paula Rocha In Progress
PhD Ruben Sousa Index transforms and their applications to the Levi and diffusion processes Semyon Yakubovich, Manuel Guerra In Progress Portugal PhD Student
PhD Marta Silva Análise Computorizada da Variabilidade Cardiovascular em doentes pediátricos criticamente doentes, Ana Paula Rocha, Hercilia Guimarães In Progress Portugal
PhD Nikolaos Tsopanidis Factorization in Non-Commutative Rings António Machiavelo In Progress Greece
PhD Ahmed Elshafei Completeness for solutions of the n-body problem and for geodesics on Lorentzian manifolds Helena Reis, Ana Cristina Ferreira In Progress Netherlands (the)
PhD Jorge Soares Extremal behaviour of chaotic dynamics Jorge Freitas Completed Portugal Data manager at I2S
PhD David Mesquita Propriedades estatísticas de difeomorfismos não-uniformemente hiperbólicos multidimensionais José Ferreira Alves Completed Portugal
PhD Peter Lombaers Hilbert class fields of cyclotomic extensions and Fermat-type Diophantine equations António Machiavelo Completed Netherlands (the)
PhD Maria Gabriela Garcia Estudio genético poblacional de la Argentina para el establecimiento de frecuencias haplotipicas y de mutaciones en 15 marcadores del cromosoma X Nádia Pinto, Gustavo Adolfo Penacino Completed
PhD Pedro Soares Synchrony-breaking bifurcations in coupled cell systems Ana Paula Dias, Manuela Aguiar Completed Portugal
MSc Raquel Brás Sá Couto Spectral analysis in the study of dynamical systems Jorge Freitas Completed Portugal
PhD Alexandra Alves Oliveira National Estimates of HIV/AIDS prevalence in at-risk populations. Rita Gaio, Luís Paulo Reis Completed Portugal
MSc Jorge Manuel Saraiva Pereira Voluntariado – Um paradoxo económico? Sofia Castro, João Correia da Silva Completed
MSc Catarina Peralta Correia de Almeida Equivalence of economic models under different time representations Sofia Castro, Pedro Mazeda Gil Completed
MSc Miguel Ferreira Significant Classes of NFA and their Random Generation. Rogério Reis, Nelma Moreira Completed Portugal
MSc João Rebelo Pires Transducers and 2D Regular Expressions Rogério Reis, Nelma Moreira Completed Portugal
PhD Liliana Garrido da Silva Heteroclinic dynamics in game theory Sofia Castro Completed Portugal