Call for 3 post-doc positions in Mathematics

Apr 17, 2021

The Center of Mathematics of the University of Porto (CMUP) has opened a call for applications to 3 post-doc positions in Mathematics.

All official details for this call can be found on the eracareers website. Below is a brief summary of the terms and conditions for the application, although only the version posted on the eracareers website is official.

Application deadlines: The call is open between 03/05/2021 and 14/05/2021 by 23h59 (GMT, Lisbon time).

Research field: Mathematics

Admission requirements: PhD degree in Mathematics obtained no more than 3 years prior to the application deadline and not issued by the University of Porto.

Job description: Research activities akin to CMUP’s research.

Duration: The positions are renewable every 6 months for up to 31/12/2023, starting on June 1st or at a later date, in case of mutual agreement.

Remuneration: Scholarship of € 1,646 per month (free of taxes).

Submission process: Applications must be submitted by email to, with copy to and, with reference in the subject to CMUP UIDB/00144/2020, and include the following documents:
•    Application letter;
•    Copy of the PhD certificate (or diploma) and of the PhD thesis (pdf file);
•    Detailed Curriculum vitae;
•    Brief description of the proposed work plan (maximum of 2 A4 pages);
•    Other documents considered important by the candidate for the evaluation.

It is also the applicant's responsibility to have up to 2 reference letters sent to the above indicated email addresses, with the subject 'Reference letter' + 'applicant's name'.

Selection criteria: The selection will be based on the evaluation of the candidates’ scientific and academic track, possibly with an interview.

A. Assessment of the candidates’ scientific and academic track.

Criterion 1 (weight: 50%): curricular analysis based on the CV (including publications).

Criterion 2 (weight: 50%): assessment of the candidate's research potential and its alignment with CMUP's research goals (see The relevant documents for analysis in this criterion are the work plan, reference letters and other documents considered relevant for the analysis.

Once the assessment of the scientific and academic track of the candidates is completed, the jury proceeds to rank the candidates from 0 to 100.

B. Oral interview.

If the jury finds it necessary, it can call for an oral interview by videoconference of the candidates ranked in the first 6 positions in regards to their scientific and academic track. The interview aims only to clarify questions related to the candidate’s academic and research achievements. 

The final scoring and ranking of these candidates is determined by the formula 0,8*A + 0,2*B, where A is the score obtained for the scientific and academic track and B is the interview score. The ranking of the remaining candidates is left unchanged.

Notification: Lists of admitted and excluded candidates, as well as the final ranking lists, will be sent by email. Once notified, the candidates have 10 working days to respond to the decision. 

Requirements to be completed prior to signing the contract: If the selected candidate's academic degree was awarded by a foreign (i.e., not Portuguese) higher education institution, then the formal procedures instituted in the Decreto-Lei n.º 66/2018 (Decree Law 66/2018) must be completed before the scholarship is awarded.

Composition of the Selection Committee:

President: Samuel António de Sousa Dias Lopes, FCUP
Member: Ana Paula da Silva Dias, FCUP
Member: André Gama Oliveira, FCUP
Member: Helena Maria Monteiro Moreira Oliveira dos Reis, FEP
Member: Margarida Maria Araújo Brito, FCUP
Substitute member: Alexandre Artur Pinho Rodrigues, FCUP
Substitute member: Sílvio Marques de Almeida Gama, FCUP

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