Thermodynamic Formalism for Random Weighted Covering Systems

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*** Zoominar in Dynamical Systems ***


Date. May 22, 11h00m


Speaker. Jason Atnip (University of New South Wales, Sydney)


Title. Thermodynamic Formalism for Random Weighted Covering Systems


Abstract. In this talk we develop a quenched thermodynamic formalism for random dynamical systems generated by countably branched, piecewise-monotone mappings of the interval that satisfy a random covering condition. We consider a general random contracting potential (in the sense of Liverani-Saussol-Vaienti) and we prove there exists a unique random conformal measure and a unique random equilibrium state for this potential. Further, we prove quasi-compactness of the associated transfer operator cocycle and exponential decay of correlations for the unique equilibrium state.

We will give several examples of our general theory. In particular, our results apply to random beta-transformations, random Gauss-Renyi maps, and random dynamics of non-uniformly expanding maps such as intermittent maps and maps with contracting branches.


Online Zoom meeting (Session will open some minutes before 11h00)

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Jason Atnip

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University of New South Wales


Dynamical Systems