Research Seminar Program - UC|UP Phd Program in Mathematics

Program of the session:

10h30-10h45 - Virtual Reception: André Carvalho
10h45-11h30 - Leonardo Larizza: "Lax factorisation systems and categories of partial maps"
11h30-11h45 - Break
11h45-12h30 - Ana Belén Avilez García: "The frame of reals and a characterization of normal frames given by z-embedded sublocales"

12h30-14h00 Lunch Break

14h15-15h00 - Herman Goulet-Ouellet: "Tree sets and the Return Theorem"
15h00-15h45 - André Carvalho: "Endomorphisms of the product of two free groups"
15h45-16h00 - Break
16h00-16h45 - Guest: Tiago Cruz : "Homological properties of Schur functors"




The full program of the session and some information on the speakers is available in the attached link.

Date and Venue

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Online Zoom meeting
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Research Seminar Program (UC|UP MATH PhD program)