Representation theory of right restriction Ehresmann semigroups with corresponding EI-Ehresmann category

In this talk, we consider the class of finite right restriction Ehresmann semigroups whose associated Ehresmann category is an EI-category (i.e., every endomorphism is an isomorphism). We give a description of the simple modules of such semigroups using induced left Schützenberger modules. We also show that the indecomposable projective modules can be described in a similar way but using generalized Green's relations instead of the standard ones. If time allows, we will consider in greater depth a natural example - the mononid $PT_n$ of all partial functions on an $n$-element set.

This is a joint work with Stuart Margolis.

Date and Venue

Start Date
Online Zoom meeting
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Itamar Stein

Speaker's Institution

Shamoon College of Engineering, Israel



Semigroups, Automata and Languages