Large intersection classes for pointwise emergence

Date. September 11, 14h00m (UTC/GMT+1)

Speaker. Yushi Nakano (Tokai University)

Title. Large intersection classes for pointwise emergence


In this talk, I introduce a concept of pointwise emergence to quantitatively study sets without time averages (called irregular sets, or sets with historic behavior), which is inspired by a recent work by P. Berger. We show that for any topologically mixing subshift of finite type, there exists a residual subset of the state space with high pointwise emergence, full topological entropy, full Hausdorff dimension, and full topological pressure for any H older continuous potential. Furthermore, we show that this set belongs to a certain class of sets with large intersection property. This is a natural generalization of [Farm-Persson2011] to pointwise emergence and Carath eodory dimension. This is a joint work with A. Zerelowicz.


Online Zoom meeting (Session will open some minutes before 14h00)

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Online seminar


Yushi Nakano

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Tokai University


Dynamical Systems