From Hilbert's Tenth Problem to Control Theory

The speaker will be presenting some of the results from his DPhil thesis (2017, University of Oxford). In particular, the talk will be centered on the problem of determining point-to-point reachability for discrete linear time-invariant dynamical systems, when the set of controls is either a convex polyhedron or a finite union of convex polyhedra. The speaker will present a proof that the latter case is undecidable, by encoding Hilbert's Tenth Problem; time permitting, a proof of hardness of the former case will also be presented. The talk will be conducted in a self-contained way, and a background on elementary linear algebra should suffice to understand its contents.

Date and Venue

Start Date
Room FC1 0.30 (Maths department)


João Sousa Pinto


Algebra, Combinatorics and Number Theory