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Structure and isomorphisms of quantum generalized Heisenberg algebras


In [14] we introduced a new class of algebras, which we named \textit{quantum generalized Heisenberg algebras} and which depend on a parameter $q$ and two polynomials $f,g$. We have shown that this class includes all generalized Heisenberg algebras (as defined in [8] and [16]) as well as generalized down-up algebras (as defined in [3] and [7]), but the parameters of freedom we allow give rise to many algebras which are in neither one of these two classes (if $q\neq 1$ and $\, \mathsf{deg}\, f>1$). Having classified their finite-dimensional irreducible representations in [14], in this paper we turn to their classification by isomorphism, the description of their automorphism groups and the study of ring-theoretical properties like Gelfand-Kirillov dimension and being Noetherian.


Year of publication: 2020


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