Pedro Nunes lecture 2021

May 21, 2021

Pedro Nunes lecture 2021   [Webinar format]

Date :  June 16, 2021 

Time - 17:00  (Lisbon time)

Invited speaker - Shafi Goldwasser (USA)

Title - Addressing the Growing Distrust in Algorithms with More Mathematics.

AbstractData Driven Algorithms are being considered for making decisions on many aspects of our lives: granting of bail, medical care, granting of loans, credit scores, education, and policing to name a few. At the same time the distrust at the accuracy, fairness and privacy of  these algorithmic methods may make it impossible to utilize them.
In this talk we will describe new results on verifying the accuracy of machine learning algorithms even without full access to the code and achieving robustness against adversarial test distributions

The Zoom link will be available on the CIM website.

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