Call for 3 PhD Scholarships (FCT)

Jul 19, 2020

The Mathematics Center of the University of Porto (CMUP) has opened a call for applications to 3 research scholarships to be granted to candidates wishing to pursue a PhD degree in Mathematics at CMUP. The terms of this call are in accordance with FCT's Regulations for Research Scholarships (RBI) and the Research Scholar Statute.

All official details for this call can be found on the eracareers website. Below is a brief summary of the terms and conditions for the application, although only the version posted on the eracareers website is official.

Application deadlines: The call is open between July 20th 2020 and August 7th 2020 by 23h59 (GMT+1, Lisbon time).

Submission process: The application should be in Portuguese or in English, complete with all supporting documents, which must be sent by email to the address, with copy (cc) to and with the reference 'CMUP - UIDB/00144/2020' in the subject line. The application letter should be sent along with the following documents:

a) Curriculum vitae;

b) Qualification certificates/diplomas, transcripts and detailed description of the candidate's academic qualifications;

c) Proposed research project for pursuing the doctorate degree;

d) Motivation letter;

e) Any other relevant documents and/or certificates.

f) Two recommendation letters, which the candidate must ensure are sent directly by their references to the email addresses listed above (also with the reference 'CMUP - UIDB/00144/2020' in the subject line).

Scope of the scholarship: Research leading to a doctorate degree, within the framework of CMUP's strategic plan and under one of the following doctorate programs:

  • Programa de Doutoramento em Matemática Aplicada (MAP-PDMA);
  • Programa Inter-Universitário de Doutoramento em Matemática UC|UP (PIUDM).

Duration: the scholarship is annual and renewable for a total duration of up to 4 years (48 months).

Work plan: will be based on the research project submitted by the candidate; the scientific advisor will be an integrated member of CMUP suggested by the respective program's Scientific Committee.

Monthly stipend: 1064,00€, according to FCT's current allocations.

Selection criteria: The selection of the candidates will take into account the absolute merit of the candidates, the proposed research plan as well as its relevance within CMUP's strategic plan. All applications will be ranked in a scale of 0–200 in each of the following criteria:

  • A - Curricular analysis. This criterion will assess the candidate's merit, preparation and ability to successfully complete the proposed research plan, based on the candidate's CV, motivation letter and letters of recommendation. 
  • B – Research plan. This criterion will assess the contribution and suitability of the objectives in the research plan to the advancement of knowledge and its relevance within CMUP's research goals. The adequacy of the proposed methods and the feasibility of the project will also be assessed.
  • C – Interview. Should the jury so decide, the better ranked candidates according to the criteria A and B above may be interviewed individually, by videoconference.

Ranking method: Candidates will be ranked using the Criteria A and B above by a weighted average in which Criterion A will have a weight of 60% and Criterion B will have a weight of 40%. In case of an oral interview, the group of candidates who have been interviewed according to Criterion C will be re-ranked according to the weighted average in which their previous rank using Criteria A and B will have a weight of 80% and Criterion C will have a weight of 20%.

Candidates ranked below 100 will not be awarded any scholarship in this call.

Notification: After the jury has ranked all applications, the candidates will be notified by email.



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