Tropicalization of the universal Jacobian: logarithmic and non-archimedian view points

Moduli spaces of tropical objects can often be obtained as tropicalization of suitable compactifications of algebro-geometric objects.

In the talk we will start by giving an overview of the construction of universal compactified Jacobians along with their tropical counterparts, in the category of cone stacks. We then show that this cone stack can be obtained  by tropicalizing two versions of the algebraic universal Jacobian: the logarithmic universal Jacobian and the non archimedian universal Jacobian. We then discuss the connection between our construction and Molcho-Wise’s logarithmic Picard and Picard stacks.


The talk will be based on joint work of the speakers with S. Molcho, M. Ulirsch and J. Wise. 

Date and Venue

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Room 0.05
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Margarida Melo and Filippo Viviani

Speaker's Institution

Università Roma Tre


Geometry and Topology