Ergodic transport

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*** Zoominar in Dynamical Systems ***


Date. May 15, 14h00m (local time)


Speaker. Artur Oscar Lopes (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)


Title. Ergodic transport



The classical Transport Theory (discrete time) is -  basically - not a dynamical theory. We will present several recent results where there is an interplay between  Ergodic Theory and Transport Theory. We will begin by recalling some basic classical results like Kantorovich duality and the slackness condition, and then we will state results in the so called Ergodic Transport Theory.  For instance, we can ask: given a probability which is not invariant, how to characterize the invariant probability which is more close to this one under the Wasserstein metric?  Another result claims that the dual of the Ruelle operator of a Holder potential is a contraction under the 1-Wasserstein metric when acting on the set of probabilities. One can also consider Thermodynamic Formalism for Gibbs plans.


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