Box dimensions of $(\times m, \times n)$ invariant sets

Date. February 12, 14h00m (UTC/GMT)

Speaker.  Natalia JURGA (University of St. Andrews)

Title. Box dimensions of $(\times m, \times n)$ invariant sets


We study the box dimensions of sets which are invariant under the toral endormorphism $(x, y) \mapsto (m x \mod  1, n y  mod 1)$ for integers $n>m \geq 2$. This is a fundamental example of an expanding, nonconformal dynamical system, and invariant sets have many subtle properties. The basic examples of such invariant sets are Bedford-McMullen carpets and, more generally, invariant sets are modelled by subshifts on the associated symbolic space. When this subshift is topologically mixing and sofic, the situation is well-understood by results of Kenyon and Peres, in particular the box dimension satisfies a natural formula in terms of entropy and the expansion coefficients $m,n$.  In this talk we will discuss what happens beyond the sofic and mixing case, which is partly based on joint work with Jonathan Fraser (St Andrews).

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Online seminar


Natalia JURGA

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University of St. Andrews


Dynamical Systems