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Room FC1 030, DMat-FCUP |
Semigroups, Automata and Languages

We study a class of morphisms between two-sided restriction semigrou

Speaker: Mykola Khrypchenko
FC1.031 |
Dynamical Systems

We study the behaviour of the shortest distance between orbits

Speaker: Jerôme Rousseau
Room 1.09 |
Geometry and Topology

Hitchin moduli spaces are non-compact hyperkähler manifolds paramete

Speaker: Tom Sutherland
Porto |

The FM'19 World Congress on Formal Methods will take place at the Al

Room FC1.031 |
Dynamical Systems

Previous results on network ODE-equivalence and minimality can

Speaker: Ana Paula Dias
Univ. Coimbra |

This conference is dedicated to honor Alberto Elduque on the occasio


Oct 22, 2018

Célia Borlido was awarded with the Fundação Eng. António de Almeida's prize (civil year of 2018).

The Centre of Mathematics of the University of Porto (CMUP) celebrates it 75th anniversary

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Research developed within the Algebra group connects with a variety of (sub)areas of Mathematics and Computer Science…

Analysis is a key area of mathematics, having enormous applications and relations with other areas of mathematics,…

Computers have fundamentally changed the relationship between mathematics, computing and other sciences. Apart from…

The theory of Dynamical Systems has its origin in the qualitative study of ordinary differential equations or…

Geometry is a central area of modern mathematics. The 3 main strands of our work (described by the keywords) are…

Many of CMUP's researchers work on applications of Mathematics to other subjects in science and technology. For some…

The group of Probability and Statistics aggregates researchers from CMUP with the common denominator that they all…

Research in this area ranges from algebraic topics such as  semigroups and groups (finite, profinite, or general) to…